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scope for knex (real one) Answered

i made the scope using knex and duct tape ok maybe i bought it at Walmart for $8.98 two years ago (Daisy 4x BB) but the point is that that there knex gun is pimped out (its killerks magnum or whatever, only cause it was on hand at the time) I hope to god that no one needs an instuctable for this...


Just wondering, but what did I say? I never swear, what could I possibly do to get it removed?

. Very high Cool Factor and you did a good job, but, as others have pointed out, you don't have the range to require magnification. A dressed-up cardboard tube with crosshairs would work and would probably make target acquistion easier without the magnification.

its not going to be very accurate


11 years ago

haha youre a funny dude its knex for gods sake scopes only play a part in firearms and machine-compressed air weapons, excluding paintball guns (while some paintball guns and barrels can increase accuracy, its not gonna be anything a 4x scope would help with) HOWEVER for about a buck or two less you could get a reflex sight (the ones that project a laser dot on a piece of plastic) that would be handy, unfortunately mine is out of batteries the point is a dovetail mount can be easily done with knex, and if you loved your knex gun so much that you wanted a good sight for it go out to walmart or some other place that sells airsoft guns and and buy a reflex sight

with a scope like that im guessing that the gun shoot far to benafitt from a scope