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sea sponge to raise humidity for a ball python? Answered

i have a ball python and i am trying to raise the humidity in his tank, i have a large water dish over a UTH and i have paper over half of the mesh top (quick fix, i need to get plastic wrap). i would mist his tank, but i am not home enough to do it consistantly,  would putting a piece of sea sponge sitting in a dish of water be healthy or would it be detrimental to Howard's health?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Sponges are used, I'd advise that as long as you don't let it go mouldy and Howard doesn't feel like eating it (I wouldn't think so) you'd be OK.
But, see this page on ball pythons.



8 years ago

I'd try an ultrasonic mister and a timer.  That's what they do with frogs.  Maybe ten minutes or so every 2 hours.

If you're using a regular incandescent bulb to heat and light the cage that will evaporate your humidity rather quickly as well because 90% of the energy output on the bulb is heat.  As an alternative to that, you could try fluorescent lighting and a heat pad/rheostat.  Your heat would be localized to a smaller area, give you a pretty good temperature gradient and the fluorescent lighting makes less heat.

You could try the sponge, but they get all full of bacteria after awhile and you probably don't want all that sitting in Howard's water dish.

Here's a link to a mister, but you can definitely find better prices elsewhere.


8 years ago

I would think any plant in the tank would work, so long as it's covered.  The tank, not the plant.  But I really wouldn't know for sure.

Oh, and I love his legend name!  Howard.  :-)