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This is a great sight BUT.....  Why can I not find a search tab... the google one please no..
A search content of this site to find forums and posts fast on subject of interest  would be a great help , if there is one please point it out ......
I have been looking through pages and pages to try and find forums on bio fuels and methane but am getting a bit  P#$# trying to find it and am about to go else where.


There's a search function on the homepage, or the top right of any other page. In the forums there's a search field in the top right, too.

If you're not seeing those you might have a browser add-on preventing the search from showing up.

I believe it would be beneficial to have a "standard" search engine block at the top of your Instructables main page. Most visitors will not enter a "forum" to just find a topic and/or instructable they have seen in the past but cannot locate now.

Some will not ever go to Google to locate a past instructable — you need to provide a search engine on your own site.

Once you get the results page with the google custom search box, you can then click on the "graphical search" link next to the search box  to just search within instructables.  Good luck.