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septum piercing Answered

i want to pierce my own septum but i am not exactly sure how.. can someone explain?



8 years ago

A septum piercing is NOT something you want to do by yourself. You really shouldn't pierce anything by yourself unless you're a trained piercer and have the proper equipment, and even then I would go to a piercer just to be safe. So I'd recommend just going to a piercer to get it done.

Hmm, would the gods smite me if I flagged this as spam?

best be not to test them :D

The gods might not smite you... ;-)


10 years ago

You'd be way better off getting that done professionally.

. I agree. Just too many things that can go wrong, especially if you have to ask. At least find someone that has done the procedure a few times to do it for you. If you want to try self-piercing, I'd start with an ear lobe or navel. . Whatever you end up doing, make sure ALL your tools are sterile.

Last I heard, self-piercing can get you excluded from being a blood donor for life. Guess they're worried about hepatitis etc, and it's better to leave out the possibly bad ones at the start rather than let them donate, test, and have something they dispose of as hazardous medical waste before putting them on the "do not use" list. Check with your local Red Cross (or whoever does blood donations outside the US), they keep track of the "good" piercing places that they don't worry about, if you go someplace else you may be deferred from donating for a year or so. If the place is so good they're not worried about your blood contaminating someone, then they're good enough to trust to pierce you.

We provide our customers with signed affidavits. The red cross will give you one to bring us if you're a regular donor. Then we fill it out with our license # from the health department. Most professional tattoo and piercing shops can do this.

I think it's only 6-12 months in the UK, but you may need to get tested for Hep-C.

Well, you can donate every other month, after breaking down the whole blood into components perhaps four can be helped from just one donation. Six months is perhaps twelve people you could have saved. Get a tattoo or piercing, get a disease, hundreds may be lost in your lifetime due to your moment of vanity. Ah, perspective.

Every other month? It's only every four in the UK, and they have higher iron-standards as well - my iron levels are normal as far as my GP is concerned, but my last two donations have been rejected because of low iron. Ah, well. I've registered to be a bone-marrow donor as well (and everything else as well, if I'm dead), so I'll be able to do some good eventually.

56 days says the fine print but the bloodmobiles run every two months per specific area, my town is even months while one over is odd months. Four months for you? Might be all the red meat we eat over here. How much do they take? Over here we donate about a pint (half a liter), if you give more then the time would be expected to be longer.

They've also been doing apheresis where they on-site take only the red blood cells, what's in shortest supply, and twice as many as a normal whole blood donation, then it's 4 months off. I've done both, it's all good.

We also donate a pint ("a unit"). I don't know why we have the different delays. You are allowed to donate more often if you donate plasma, when they give you your red-blood cells back - the plasma contains things like factor eight and platelets.

Not that I could bear to poke holes in bits of myself anyway, but I believe that a septum-piercing is less likely to close up when not in use, plus, it isn't a body-part most people see.

So maybe if you want a part-time shocker the septum would be a good choice?

But, you need to be sure you'd want it before you do it. I have this weird idea that it would add a whistle to your sneezes...

Bizarrely, I feel an ible coming on...

septum is a bad choice, you can't see what you are doing, there is cartilage involved, not just flesh, and since it's hard to see it's hard to clean especially if it is done improperly and gets irritated. That cartilage makes a big difference.

I can see it now......a paper hole punch and an ice cube.........and then, lots of blood....I would have to agree with the rest here....self mutilation is best left to the experts ;-)

From my experience, a cordless drill and a medium small bit works well. Prep your nose with Dr. Pepper (It's called Dr. for medical reasons). Cauterise the hole with a soldering iron (prferrably electric). The best "starter" ring is a chicken bone. Do not wash bone first, but do salt it. NOTE: I am not a peicing specialist, but I have been refused a room at a Holiday Inn Express.

Really? I always preferred a corded drill for drilling holes in body parts. That way there's no danger of running out of battery halfway through a nose. And if bone might be involved, make sure to use a carbide bit.

You're definitely right as far as the carbide tip goes. Cordless though is the only way to go. You can do your peircing in the bathtub (or a canoe) without the risk of electrical shock. Also, if the bit gets stuck in bone, you can carry the whole drill with you to the hospital.

It is unpleasant to have to hold the drill as you walk over to the outlet and try to unplug it one handed, I admit. I'd like to see someone do a peircing in a canoe. Canoes are endless fun, especially if you have a truck and a rope.

The only peircings I've ever done in a canoe were unintentional. You're right about the truck and rope. Although copious amounts of alcohol are usually involvedd in the planning stages of adventures like that.

I'm afraid to ask about what happened in the canoe..... Canoes and dinghys can be fun stone cold sober, too. Like when we took an old plywood dinghy with a hole in the bottom (which was why it was free), put it on the top of a scree slope, all got a running start and hopped in. It took a while for the four of us to get going, but by the bottom of the drainage, it was crazy fast.

Oh I was told it's easy, first you need a cattle squeeze, if one is lacking you can tie the legs to a tree and the arms to another tree, and keep them tight and then get out a pointy object **looks over at a philips #2 screwdriver* and, whack it through and then you can pull it out and push the ring in... You must be mean if you need one, only those evil bulls get them around here (( Cows noses are real soft spots if cows are naughty ))

You'd be best off getting it done at a proper place, it's not really one you can do at home or even get a friend to do...