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set up a small-range radio station ? Answered

i want to set up something like a radio station in my college for my department so that we can deliver the messages through that and my fellow mates can listen to it in a FM receiver (in their mobile). How can i do it in the cheapest way possible?


If your friends' mobiles have Internet capability, why not run streaming audio on a server?

If you try to set up a transmitter legally, you'll run into cost and licensing issues; if you do it illegally, eventually someone will complain about interference and you'll be shut down. That will lead to its own cost issues (fines, etc.).

license does not matter 4 me...but i just want to know that what else other than license i need for that?

just the license and the fm transmitter -- made-in-china 'few watt' transmitters are cheap, 20-100 dollars. Don't run something 'officially' without a license though.

.  All you need are an audio source (what you want to broadcast), an FM modulator (you can find them cheap or build your own), and an antenna (a piece of wire). You can find easy-to-use modulators for use with iPods, Walkmans, &c. If you stay legal, your range will be limited to, at best, a few hundred yards.

What range do you want.

Anything powerful to get more than about 500' range is going to have to come under some sort of license.

Check this link for some equipment prices.