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setting default mode or light pattern on commercial rope lights? Answered

I have purchased a commercial LED rope light which has about 8 selectable light pattern by pressing a tack switch in series.  Problem is everytime the rope light is unplugged then switched back on it always defaults to the first pattern.  Is there an easy way of setting a default patter other than the first light pattern?


Not really, unless you can hack the things to put a backup battery in, but unless these things are already  designed to run on minimum power, the battery won't last long.

Of course, you COULD arrange some fancy external circuit that would "press" the button the requisite number of times for you, but  it would be easier frankly to write your own controller into a little microcontroller.

thanks very much for the very quick response. kudos to instructables for building  community with very helpful professionals!

actually the pattern i wanted was "STEADY ON".  I just simply want an always on rope light instead of the fancy light chasing, blinking patterns.  so i am now thinking of simply bypassing the controller.  Is that a wise idea?  Any initial checks i should do before actually trying out the idea?