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sheetrock finishing? Answered

Can someone give me an estimate on how long it takes to finish the mudding and sanding for sheetrock?  The contractor did the taping and put on the first coat.  How many hours should I expect to spend doing the second and third coats myself?  This is finishing the garage.  Two walls 26' long, 1 wall 22' long, the ceiling which is of course 22' x 26', and then just the small amount around the doors.  Also, how much time do I need to allow each coat to dry before I can sand it?

btw: any tips for speeding up the process or getting a smoother finish will be greatly appreciated.



5 years ago

One of the things they do now is skip the fine work and just spray everything with texture. Often they use an "orange peel" texture which is sprayed with a tool that looks like a bazooka. You could probably rent one and do the entire thing in a few hours at the most. They also use a quick set compound which is sort of like cement in that it turns hard after a few hours even if it is not dry yet. That way they can work even damp walls without having to worry about it being to soft.

Be very deliberate on how thin/careful you are with the troweling, as it will make a BIG dent in how much time you spend sanding. Drywall mud is MUCH easier to work with when its still fluid! (to get overall smooth)

I can't give time estimates for exactly that size, but you should be able to do several feet of tape per minute once you get into the groove.

Some people allow one or two days, for plaster to dry.

It will all depend on the mud your using and how long it takes for it to set.

More coats and finer sanding will ensure a better finish.