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ship in bottle Answered

This my first posts.  I had done it for a long time . Today I want to show it for you . I hope that U all love it. 
 I am worried about i hadn‘t take photo when i did it .  I  will did it again. and write a tutorial.


What type of wood did you use?

Wow! This is truly great!

Красиво, отличная работа.

Very nice... but how did you put the ship in through such a small opening? Especially the second one?!

I'm glad you love it!

In fact .the second one is easy than the first one. Because the second ship only got one mast . but the first ship got three mast.

First I made a hull. secondly drill some hole( used to fix the mast) . than put the hull into the bottle.
at last,use a Tweezer to clamp the mast, let the root of the mast into the pre drilled holes.
adjust the appearance carefully.
If you got paint .you can paint it .I think it will be more beautiful.

My English is not good. If I made some mistakes , you don't understand what i say, you can say. I will correct as soon as possible.

I hope this can help you.

You are very talented! Thanks for explaining and about your english don't worry I am not very good at english either so...

Thanks again for the explanation, why not make an instructable on this topic?

Pssst, that is where the SKILL comes in...you have to build it INSIDE the bottle :-)

Wow! Coz when I saw my friend do it he did it for a plastic bottle and cut the edge out and then stuck it back on after he put the ship in...

This is brillinat work! I so want to try to do this...but...are there any instructables on these ship in the bottles...


I searched and saw a few that "cheated" and removed part of the bottle to allow insertion.

The one I had at one time was a small glass bottle, and was HANDMADE and believe me, no one cut the bottlem of this bottle off.  It was constructed carefully, like those miniature pieces done here....(scroll down to them, they are amazing); inside the bottle.

I work in small scale, but some of those are ridiculous (but awesome)

Yeah, I have seen guys inscribe things on the head of a pin too....not something I will be doing with my eyesight like it is :-)

That is amazing.I could hardly believe my eyes.

This indeed amazing what you can do with a steady eye and hand, and sharp tools :-)

Incredible! That's quite a skill, I'd love to see the Instructable for this :D

I can't wait to see this! I've always loved these things.

Same here, I once had a really tiny bottle with a ship in it....I think it got flushed down the toilet while I still lived at home though (I didn't do it ! )

Very nice - looking forward to the full Instructable.