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i love the stuff but shipping outrageous to canada 20$ 40$ for a tee shirt


Yeah, I had a great idea for this contest but gave it up after I found out it was going to cost $44.00 (AUD) to ship a $10 item!

Agreed. It sucks posting thinkgeek stuff to Australia... I was about to order a few T-shirts last year and they said shipping would be over US$60...


9 years ago

Ahhh, that's nothing... They canceled the shippings to my country (Uruguay) without telling anybody! I was happyly selecting things on they site (it wasn't my first buy) and when procedded to checkout shipping wasn't available, I can't find my country!. After contacting them they told me that there was a high return rate from my country due to customs rates. Thats unfair, i know about my country expensive customs and was willing to pay them!!! I can no longer buy stuff that i love and can't find in my country :( So you who can buy don't complain :)

true dat. don't see why having a stack of express envelopes sitting there and then having someone stuff a t-shirt into one would be that much. I just stick to looking at the website and not falling in love with anything.

I guess you mean the ThinkGeek stuff?

yup. i noticed at the source at canada the sell some thingeek stuff like usb and webcame missile launcher