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shoelace ends fraying Answered

The Aglets (thins on the end of your shoelaces) always keep on fraying when i wear then tough.
i found a way to put a metal cap on them that keeps them in check thats really easy and cheap.

Should i post as an instructable

(btw the pic is just to get you attention)


maybe try this -- with Heat Shrink Tubing:

a. purchase a small package of "Heat Shrink Tubing" (about 1/16 or 1/8 or 3/16 inch O.D.)
b. cut a piece -- about one inch long -- for each shoe lace end ("aglet")
c. optional: place a drop of epoxy glue inside each piece
d. use the hot air from a hair dryer to shrink each piece of tubing into place
e. voila -- that's all there is to it...




Sellotape is less intrusive, it wont make them into deadly ankle weapons, but a metal capped shoelace sounds good.

he he deadly ankle weapon "new instructable idea forming" it's not deadly it's just replacing the aglet with a hand-made metal one.

yeah, if you had shoelaces capable of wihstanding heating soaking them in solder at the end would be uber cool... Maybe some kind of epoxy resin substance, dip and harden... The metal ones aren't a bad idea it's just they don't seem like they would integrate in to the lace well... The guards from the of large needles and needle broaches would work well if you pulled the litte bit of rubber out...

yeah the metal did work for a bit then fell off with disfigurement cause by standing on them but il wotk on it.

Oh how about using a piece of tube just about the right diameter then crush it in a vice until flat, that would hold on pretty well, I'd think.

Damn, hmmm I'll have a few tries with whatever bits and bobs I find in my toolbox, I'm looking at the ink barrel of a pen thinking maybe...

Hmmm, I wonder how well Auto body putty would work....or Liquid Weld...or something of that nature :-)

Depends on how hard they slap your ankle when you run :-)

Do I really need to answer that question?

Is that supposed to be kite-pirate?

People should stop asking if they should post things. No offense duck-lemon. But just post it.

Definitely post an instructable! I always have ends of my lacrosse strings fraying, so this would be great for them!

. If the string is synthetic, you can melt the ends to keep them from fraying. Cigarette lighter works well for me.