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shooting targets Answered

can someone figure a way of making targets like those shoot n see targets that show green paint wen hit or wen hit show some sign of being hit


Or better yet buy exploding targets.There like 20 bucks for 5 of them.

Get some clay and make a big thin target painted black for accuracy or a black glass target.again black for accuracy.

To make shoot n see targets,what I discovered by accident was with cheap flat black paint.What you do is go to one of those stores where everythings a buck and buy some of those thin plastic party plates,they come in bright orange and green at the store near me,they must be the slick ones though,then paint with a coat of flat black spray paint, I guess primer would work also.You can use tape to make an X or squares ,bullseyes,whatever,let dry.Have fun,be safe.

I forgot to mention that a light coat of paint will do the job.

I know what your talking about. Try this, I thought about doing this when I saw them at walmart Take some green crayons and color a sheet of paper with it, very heavy, then take some black poster paint and put a layer on top. The black paint should flake off the waxy layer when shot.

What, exactly are you shooting ? (ammo).

anything from pellets to 10/22 and yea thats mostly it

no like i use a pellet gun then wen i shoot the target made of watever then the target like explodes (not literally) and makes a color that i can see from a distance to show i actually hit the target...like those shoot n see targets...they get a little pricy when u shoot a lot

Hmm, with a pellet gun eh. I remember that shooting a soda can filled with water with a rifle .22 round made it explode. But I am still not exactly sure I know what you are after. I understand that you want it to be visible from a distance. Is the color being shown to be light? Or like a splattering of paint?

just like anykind of sign like a big cloud of dust

Well, Kiteman's idea would work, but might be hard to see if the distance is great and in the daylight. It would almost be easier to make the pellets of a material (like chalk, maybe acrylic coated) that would explode on impact...

Make a cuboid frame, wrapped in (for instance) brown wrapping paper, except on the bottom. Stand it over a lamp (protect the bulb with metal mesh or lexan sheets). Every hit will shine like a small beacon.