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shotgun in the works Answered

time for me to pull out the K'nex an start building again
this is my latest project
i have a vid up as well http://youtu.be/voAnB16_kvQ


This is Awsome, when will you post?


6 years ago

First pic is a handle pump tr with a shell at the front, not of much importance, just something I was messing around with. The other three pics are of an experimental four shot shotgun turret. It would attach to a tr similar to the eight shot turret and is structurally sound. The only two problems are it's size and weight. Only way around that would be making the shells smaller.

Shot 4.jpgShot 1.jpgShot 2.jpgShot 3.jpg

They work great, the new mini pin is a major improvement. I can load four yellow rods in a shell almost as fast as a single yellow rod in a normal turret. It has great potential, so I can't wait to see how it turns out.

lol i build something very similar to the shotgun turret you got there lol like you said its heavy so id wouldn't work good on a TR but with a gun designed specifically to shoot shotgun shells it with a front support it may work great
looks like fun keep it up!

I've been working on it recently and the turret is a lot different, with more structural braces and less blue rods sticking out. I've modified the front of a handle pump tr to work with it and the tan rod it is on almost doesn't bend at all. The rubber band placement that turns the turret needs work to run flawlessly, there is still a little friction.

Thanks, I hope the idea could be used in future K'nex wars.

I don't see the point in merging together a handle pump mech and a shotgun barrel, since the slow reload of the shotgun negates the fast pullback of the ram using the handle, and you still get low ROF.

Faster than a shotgun barrel on a regular tr, and can still hold 6 or more rubber bands. I was just testing the idea and didn't want to build a whole new tr body.

when you complete it can you tell me what the ranges are

i can tell you right now that it shoots multiple rods as far as a single rod will shoot out of a TR
i hit over 75 but practically the gun is good for 50ft or less
the shell can shoot as few as 3 rods at a time an up to as many as 20 green rods at once however if your going to shoot greens id use 12 or 16 it shoots better
for outdoor wars 8 white rods shoot nice an for a quick load 3 or 4 yellows is ideal

i found these stats: quick reload: yellow rods
slower but more efficient fire: blue rods
more shots: green rods
power: ? pretty much everything to be honest lol
range: blue rods
slow ROF: green rods
overral reccomendation: blue rods. good range, power and accuracy.

They won't use them in a war purely because if their colour. It is hard to find the dark blue rods in grass, but yellows and whites stick out like a sore thumb, so finding them is easy.

thanks for telling me i will give you 4.5* the looks are almost perfect but when they get there i will rate different

i have modified the NAR to hold these shells, and it is epic powerful.
these things are awesome. just to prove a seal of quality, killerk will not let you down.

Great job. I told people almost 2 years ago that shotguns were the future of knex weapons. They have great potential. I might make a pistol version of this someday. Working on a semi-auto at the moment, which by the way is going extremely well. It looks like it'll be able to fire 6 rounds before re-cocking at 30-50 feet when I'm done. (I hope I'm not just being optimistic)

thanks... that semi sounds impressive i can wait to see it!
im going to make a repeating shotgun too just not sure how i wanna do it still debating that but ill probably end up making a turret

Yeah, the semi-auto is an accumulation of ideas and prototypes I've been making on and off for the past couple of years. I've been working on my latest attempt at it for the past month, on version 5 right now. This was an earlier version of it from last month; https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-MG-3252-Prototype/?comments=all#CBI5WQRGP7IEOYD It's very different at this point, but is still powered by the spinning elastic spool. I got rid of the gears, made a new trigger, a new structure, crank, basically don't even bother to critique on that posted version because it's so different. I just thought you might like to see it.

Yeah, a turret would work real well. And giving it a higher rate of fire should be the next goal. But a shotgun turret with that kind of range would beat all the competition on it's own at the moment. Do it up. :)

I think Mepain made a turret shotgun a while back. I remember seeing pictures of what looked like a turret compromised of the shotgun shells on his knex innovation pictures.

He made a boss double barrel shotgun with 2 firing pins and 2 triggers.

Oh yeah. I have had an idea for making this a 4 turreted version. I'll make once I build this.

im excited to see how the semi works out im about to check out the link in a second here and thanks again for the input! its good to get feedback to bounce around ideas!

Looks nice and alot more powerful than mine from what ive used of it lately. But it might just be the bands i used on it and might i ask what the mini pin is? does it replace the blue rod that was in the shell? and ill have to see if those ones work in the shotgun i made. and glad they load easier now.

yes it replaces the blue rod that was in the shell
the mini pin has a larger surface area an better impacts each rod in the shotgun shell
in the picture above the pin is actually built into the barrel of the gun

Okay just making sure and thats good to hear in the old ones some times id have a rod left in the shell and never figured out how to fix it. and i just noticed that very interesting i think id prefer having shells that come out of the gun but thats me. And just finished posting my shotgun https://www.instructables.com/id/Shotgun-Prototype-V1/ what do you think of it?

will you post instructions? great idea by the way.

Have you tried loading it with finned ammo? That'd be interesting.

ive thought about it but never tried it lol i dont think it would work so well but idk


7 years ago

Wow man nice one... i need to see this thing in the future completed!

This is some good stuff man =D


7 years ago

Seen it on youtube, looks very powerful =D