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should BM make the ADS out of knex Answered

I have been trying to convince BM to make this for a while now and decided to start a poll to see if I could convince him to build it. Here is the wiki article  HERE Put a yes or no answer below,some reasons of why you said yes/no would also be nice =)


How much do you know about it? (I don't mean this as a mean question, I just want to know what you can tell me about it...?)

I recall looking it up a couple weeks ago. When I'm bored I'll randomly go from article to article on firearms to keep myself occupied at work during downtime. It's a Russian AR designed to succeed the APS. It can fire the standard AK-74 cartridge but it also can fire a new cartridge roughly the same shape but designed for use underwater. The point then is versatility. It also has an integrated grenade launcher because lolRussiaWhyNot? You can learn a lot on world.guns.ru too. That's where I usually go after Wikipedia.

Man, the more and more I learn about you, the more and more I think you and I would get along (in real life). Thanks for the info, that was all very helpful, and I find it all terribly interesting. XD, "lolRussiaWhyNot" should be a hash-tag link.


Oh I figured as such given our appreciation for real fire arms. When I first started K'nexing, I figured I'd be a replica maker. But after the UMP, I just accepted I didn't have the pieces to make anything bigger and lacked the eye for detail to perfect anything smaller.

I can imagine where that'd go. "Today I ride bull, big bull, and drink vodka...much much vodka."

Yeah, that is probably true. I don't know if you have heard of Martin J. Dougherty's book "Small Arms Visual Encyclopedia," but if you have not I suggest you get it. I spent about $20 on Amazon and got a amazing paperback copy about 6 months ago, and I have not stopped reading it since. The ISBN number is 978-1-907446-65-8. I really do suggest you get it.

You have gotten more K'NEX pieces since the UMP, right?

XD, #lolrussiawhynot

I give it a peak.

I have indeed, but only more yellow connectors, green rods, and white rods. And I have plenty enough money to get any more of any piece I wish. But after being limited for so long, my building style is to be minimal and neat, so really the extra pieces would just help me add a proper stock for example. And then I had/have so many ideas but just can't quite figure out how to build them.

I still have to laugh at how they made a dedicated mini grenade launcher special to the AK-74u. #lolrussiawhynot

Please do.

Oh, O.K., you know, I would really love to see you building+posting again. It really would make my day. Or my week... All of what you said makes sense, I wish I was like that.

As to the special grenade launcher dedicated to the AK-74u, I never heard about that, but all the same... XD

But, just like you said: "It also has an integrated grenade launcher because #lolrussiawhynot?"

Oh, I'm building a little every now and then. But my weekends are usually completely locked up, and then I have either class or work until 5:30 almost every day. Finally, I usually play games with my roomies in our free time or I'll play whatever new game that I got, so my building time is very minimal. I recently built another non firing model weapon based around real firearms but on nothing in particular. I'll get pictures of that when I get back in a little bit. I'll make something that fires...eventually. Oh yeah, I could show a concept I had that failed. Basically I was trying to make the most compact yellow rod firing bolt action weapon which would've amounted too a large pistol that accepted a magazine, but I didn't quite pull it off. I'll show the picture of that too.

It's actually quite interesting. It's unique among grenade launchers. It's suppressed for one. And then it takes "blank" cartridges from a handle magazine to fire off the grenades. #lolrussiawhynot

Speaking of Russia, that's a very nice SVD you got going there. Suppose you could do an SVU next? The best part is that if you do it right, you can just take off everything from the handle back, add a new handle in the middle, connect the trigger, and add buttplate and flashhider parts. =P

I can relate. I do school work (I am homeschooled, I don't know if you knew that) from about 8:30 am to 4:00 - 5:00 pm, so my days are pretty full. Then again, my brother (E Pluribus Unum) and I have been really into Star Wars Battlefront II lately, and have been playing that somewhat.

You got some new stuff coming? Sweet. I am excited to see it. As to yellow rod shooting guns, I have never been a big fan. Their inability to fly straight, their light weightiness, their drag, and the amount of knobs they have has really turned me against them. Besides, connecter ammo feeds better anywho.

*here is where I smile* That BS-1 "Tishina" 30mm suppressed grenade launcher looks...  interesting... to say the least. I see how it could be used, but a suppressor? Really? I mean... c'mon... its a grenade launcher. The enemy is gonna be able to hear you weather you are using a M203 or not. But I guess #lolrussiawhynot.

You like the Dragunov SVD? It looks better now, and I have just a few more things that I would like to do to it, and then it should be done.
As to the SVU, I admit, I am a chicken when it comes to Bullpups. I just never can seem to get them to work and look the way I want them to. I have thought about turning the Dragunov into a Valmet M78 though... XD, that would be awesome. They look very similar... at least I think so.

BTW, did / have you seen the KSO-9 Krechet semi-automatic carbine. Now that fills the #lolrussiawhynot slot real well.

You forgot to mention the crazy russian handgun that holds 48 rounds =P It also has some crazy name to go with it. Also if I remember right it uses case-less ammo =) Now thats crazy =P


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At first I thought it was just a mistranslation. I don't know if it just uses a longer magazine to do that or if they got some funky method to do so, but that seems like just a tad bit of overkill... Y'know, everyone always mentions German engineering, but the Russians really have a lot to be impressed with.

Ew, doesn't sound fun working until 4-5, but then I suppose you don't have to do homework in the sense that it would be after those times but rather during your homeschooling.

Yeh, slowly but surely I'll spit something out. Sorry, realized I never got pictures. I'll get those.

Yeah, I really don't get the point in suppressing something like that. But you know #lolrussiawhynot

I look forward to everything you and your bro make. And yeah, bullpups are hard. If only we got better at making repeating slingshots, they'd be very worthwhile.

Oh geez. I always laugh at civilian market weapons. Overkill much.


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Was in a rush leaving work so I forgot to mention, I generally prefer connector ammo for how reliable it is, but most of the general community prefers rod ammo. The only reason I've been sticking with it is because they offer a higher capacity magazine by roughly 150%. That is, I generally can hold 3 rods for every 2 connectors. One final factor is that most other competitive weapons are designed to fire rods, so for example in a K'nex war if you wanted to pick up ammo and muzzle load my bolt action I'd have to make sure it could accept rod ammo.

So here are the two things I built recently:

1. First off I have what was going to be a bolt action weapon in the size of a pistol. However, it was pretty roughly thrown together and I just didn't like how it was turning out. The barrel ramp was very tight so it probably would've lost quite a bit of range. I'll probably revisit the concept later down the road with better construction.

2. An improved version of that custom carbine sort of weapon I showed before. I took the same general design idea but made it look better and more realistic. Still doesn't fire.

2013-10-20 20.06.17.jpg2013-11-07 17.46.21.jpg

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Nah..I think if he made it, it would turn out to big for my liking. But, that's directed toward my personal liking.


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It would be neat to see at least some one build it though as it is an awesome gun,thanks for your opinion =)


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I guess it would be cool. You're welcome.