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should I make some steampunk projects? Answered



Best Answer 5 years ago

Steampunk projects, done well, are popular here, so I would say "yes".

If you have a creative imagination for Steampunk, then by all means, make one! Once you have a relatively simple project done you'll know whether you enjoyed it enough to make more.


5 years ago

You bet! People love steampunk. Look around the site and glom on to the ideas you like and put them together to create something new and cool.
Remember, you can steampunk almost anything, including the family dog.

stmpnk dog.jpg

I've often thought about doing one myself but I've not really come across the right thing to do as yet.
If you have a project in mind & you fancy giving it a try I would say go for it :-)

Do you like steampunk? If yes then next question, if no then no.
Do you have ideas for some steampunk projects? If yes then next question, if no then no.
Do have the skills necessary, or are you willing to learn them? If yes then next question, if no than no.
Do you have, or can you get, access to the required materials? If yes then yes, make some steam punk projects, if no then no, they are probably not the right project to try.