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should I or should I not?? Answered

well the end of the school year is coming up and well the 8th grader I liked we haven't talked in weeks but we talked on Friday because that was the day of the talent show and I was in it and well he kinda mess up my words when I was singing cause he kept smiling and well it made me blush but any way he kept looking at me the hole talent show so after school I went to talk to him and I wanted to give him a kiss in the cheek but I was to nervous so I didn't but like he was taller my lips kinda ended up in his neck and like 8th graders  graduate earlier they come out earlier sooo in the last day I thought of giving him a kiss but am afraid that I may be way to shy and embarrassed to actually do it but I need answers should I kiss him or not before he moves away to highschool?


Are we still talking about Caesar or is this some other guy?

guess what didn't need the advice he ask me out and had my kiss today :)

You'll see him again in high school, he will be a Sophomore and you will be a freshman (im guessing), you can wait until then to start a relationship or start one now and hope for the best. Just don't do anything your not ready for.

look I don't guess were going to be in the same high school he's going to a marine high school and is really ...well not that far away but I still wont be with him in the sam high school do u understand me hes graduating next Tuesday.

i think we got that he is graduating next tuesday. You can still keep in contact with him through myspace or whatever people use these days.

we use facebook...don't know if u heard of it but myspace is way old :)

Just try to spend more time with him. No need to push things.

but hes leaving next week on the june 7 and hes off to high school and it would be the last time I see him

So what's the point in trying to give him a kiss? Sounds like you won't have any opportunity to start a relationship with him. Move on, he's just one of many to come. Your quite young so you shouldn't be in any hurry here.

but hes leaving next week on the june 7 and hes off to high school and it would be the last time I see him