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should i get a new nintendo dsi or should i keep my ds lite? Answered

idk if i should get a new one but i better hurry if i do cuz they have the trade in promo and it might run out soon??? =/


You should ask your self,

  • How offen do I use my DS?
  • Will I just get bored of it in a couple of months?
  • Do I want to buy anything else at the moment ?

If you have the cash to spare, you won't go 'wrong' getting new technology. It is basically the same system, souped up a bit with better screens/dual touch.

dude i would stay with the ds lite because the dsi has half the battery charge of a ds lite meaning you play ds lite for 1 hour and you would only play dsi for 30 minutes plus the no GBA slot dude that sucks but hey i heard of a new thing that plugs into that memory slot on it and you could play GBA using that but still less battery power cause the bigger screens and more LEDs and the better wifi but its your choice but im gonna say if ya got the money buy one or just keep your ds lite.

actually now i got the dsi and i regret saying to stay with the ds lite. the dsi is awesome so go for it!

not true, i own a dsi and it can hold a great charge. you probably herd that from someone that wants 10 min. more in there battery charge

wait for the 3ds to come out!

Keep DS Lite. The DSi has a camera, but no GBA slot. That means NO Guitar Hero, and NO Poke'mon transferring. DSi= a no-no. DS Lite= YES.

lol. No way. Dsi has 4 times as much memory, dsi has an sd slot, dsi has bigger screens, dsi has wifi and it has better speakers.

the ds light had no internal memory!!

I meant memory as in RAM. 3DS sounds cool though

wait a time becouse their a new 3ds comming

I would get the DSi. Where is this deal ? It could be fraudulent.

Gamestop. Buy a DSi and get $70 for your DS Lite. So basically $70 off the DSi, but you don't get to keep your Lite.

well, do you have/want guitar hero for ds? then nintendo dsi does not have a gameboy advance slot. however, the dsi has a camera. :}