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simple knex gun, should i post? Answered

here is a knex gun I made i have three questions

details :
pros: true trigger
easy to reload
jam free (yay)
comfy to hold
range 30 ft-40 ft

cons: a bit weak
not to powerful
will not work without the right bands


should i post
what do you think
what do you think it's worth out of 5?

thank you for viewing



How can range be a pro and a con?

I think the long handle looks cool. I say post it without the bi-pod.

Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you should definantaly post it with the bipod. The bipod improves accuracy and comfort.

the bipod scrunches up free space on the gun and hinders the ability to maneuver it. And it's ugly.

Gorkem's rifle has a unusually long handle too. Also what does this shoot?

Post, looks good

You should post your topics with a proper title, eg 'Should i post? - knex gun' As it could be anything really, like a ball machine.

I just noticed the power is c*** do you still want me to post?