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should i post my.... Answered

should i post my homemade copycat white castle burgers?



9 years ago

white castle rip off's eh. i think that sounds like a winner.

little late but did you see the instructable i posted? please rate.

lol, thanks, i hope i get the stuff soon.

Thou Shalt Post I hope kiteman dosent see this, if he does i bet he'l post that link lol !

I like to think I have more of a capialistic preference in gov where the gov has little or no role in economy rather than a commamd economy. =p

the communists in canada suck! they have never even won one seat! even the rino party did better! ( if you do not know about the rino party, look em up for a few laughs! )

Most certainly.

Yes! And while you're at it, I think other copycat recipes would fit in, too. Don't you?