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shower tray? Answered

i have a space of 2000mm by a max of 900mm. The floor is uneven, what is the best tray?



For tile installation, Schluter Shower Tray. You can get the tray or the kit which includes drain assembly and waterproof membrane.

My shower tray is a commercial GRP tray mounted on 4 4 x 2 lengths of wood and an 18mm ply sheet on the top of them.

Much depends on what sort of tray tyour looking at - They come with instructions.

I have set some thinner trays in concrete before.

The new ones I like are a special thin concrete composite with the drain pre-sloped in, you set them straight on the beams of the floor, and tile the surface. They can be cut to just what shape you want.

I must confess my now is 20 years old now but I did help put one in last year in a very similar way.

I think it's time for our shower to become a wet room.

That's what these trays are for I think. There are also variants for applying PVC flooring to.


I believe it's common practice to level the floor as much as possible first. Where is this in your house? Is it on a sub-floor or a slab? Have you gone to a store that sells shower trays and asked them?


Good idea to use a thinset concrete to level the surface so it can drain properly.

where are you in the world ? Your profile doesn't say, and a "good" US answer is useless for a UK answer.