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showing a super-easy frame-by-frame flash animation Answered

hey guys, i just made this to show a little bit of my skills with macromedia flash, i hope you like it ;-) alty PS: you will need a flash player to view it... PPS: i also do requests, both movies wihc need to get somethign as whole new ideas!


open you brain and get that spider out!

it actually is a hamster running in such a running wheel...

Looks like you removed the track padding on his wheel :-)

Huh ? I meant what was "removed" from your nose ;-)

Shave your nose hair man, chicks don't like it...

Ahhh, see that's different, if yu manage to find a Neanderthal chick, I'm sure you would make a lovely couple

Possibly (assuming Ms. Neanderthal can read), but running around and beating your chest with your fists might be more effective.

Count the F6 presses anyone :D


10 years ago

LOL awesome.

>:D i'm re*buying* flash now, so i can make more things like this, :D)

You can do italic text by putting two apostraphes on each side of the text, and you can do bold by putting three on each side. You can also highlight the text and click the B or i buttons.

dude you should shave your nose hairs every once in a while... lol

that is unhealty, i don't want even MORE dust near my brains