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shut down cameras? Answered

I am a single woman that has been broken in at home many times. I put $6,000 on a credit card to protected my home. They stole the tapes in the VCRs and my house would steal be locked up. I heard a lock smith was invoked. They have taken all my Christmas items, tools, dishes, blankets , what they did not take, the tore up. My cameras was burned up. all of them! This was put in 2003. They steal everything outside also or tear it up. this has been going on since 1995. I just put three more cameras in 1 month ago. (June 2009) I went to Kansas City to visit my Mother in Hospital and Ask my daughter to watch my cameras on computer. She said they was off a lot on Saturday. On Sunday I went to my daughter house to spend the night. I looked at cameras that night. In morning I had no cameras on computer. Just black screen. I went home to check and rerun them from 7amto 12 noon and did not have no cameras. It did not even show me driving in and parking. I have a neighbor that moved in 1994 and that is when it all started. he retired from the service as a high officer in securities. My friend is in coast guard and he said neighbor brags on disarming cameras. Please help me to catch them. the more I try to protect my home , the more they tear it up.


My advice would be to stop spending money on cameras that may be getting shut down. This obviously isn't working. next hire a professional investigator or ask another neighbor to watch your house while you go to visit your daughter.  I'd personally talk to this neighbor about what has been happening so they know what to watch for.  set up a camera so it looks like your normal routine. then when you come back your neighbor may have something you can go to the police with. baring all of this I'd say your best bet would be a securety service. what ever you pick i hope everything turns out alright.

Set up a cameras and recording system as you usually would but is at least slightly tougher than the last one, or at least looks like it is. Make sure it all works because otherwise they might suspect something is up. Then set up one, or better yet several, completely separate systems that are totally hidden. The trick will be disguising the camera(s) and recording equipment as something else and having no exposed wires. Good spots are in walls, ceilings, maybe even inside appliances. They obviously know what the inside of your house looks like, so you'll have to do it with minimal modifications. It has to have battery backup and not attach to phone lines or Internet, because they're obviously going to cut all that. Probably something motion activated that can go for days without power is what you want, in case they cut power and leave it for a while to run down batteries. Be inconsistent. Say you put one in a tree; then don't put them all in trees. Then they won't know what to look for. The hardest part would be hiding the mains power coming in. It's a good idea to do all this so it's not obvious what's going on, since somebody has obviously made a habit of watching your house. For instance, through windows, etc. You're dealing with some very talented individuals. I wouldn't be surprised if at least some of the police are members of the family.

You should probably move! Seriously, you're obviously an easy target. Have you tried asking the police for some sort of help, maybe a criminal investigation?

Hi S1L3N7, Yes, I have ask the police to help. They tell me I need proof that it is my neighbors that are doing this.