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sick baby help Answered

my neice is sick and she has hardly any energy she has a 98.4 tempreture and im getting worried please help


Has she gotten any better?


6 years ago

My daughter gets lethargic when she's sick. Sounds like the flu, but it could be worse. What did the doctor say?

If you are in NI and want to be asking the internet for advice, how about this?


yes but she has a very bad chesty cough

My advice still stands - if you're worried, see a doctor, not strangers on the internet.

we rang the doctor but its a 3 hour call back

If that's the professional response to her symptoms, then it's not so bad.

Of course, there is still nothing stopping you taking a trip to the local A&E / ER or calling an ambulance, but I'm guessing* that will not be required. You're in NI, so any call-out like that will be free.

I get the impression this is your first time looking after a sick youngling - we all end up there at some point, and it can be scary, but 19 times out of 20, all it needs is TLC and a cool, damp flannel.

*if the pro's don't think it needs it, I guess it doesn't.

It's been three hours (roughly) - is she OK?

98.4F is normal, but sickness and lethargy are not.

If at all worried (and you are), get her to a doctor.

Far better to be told that you worry too much and she's fine than to wait for it to pass and regret it for the rest of your life.