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simple electronic music keyboard Answered

To all: I teach music in Elementary school. In my classes we play the recorder. In some of my classes I have some very special needs students. So they have been pushing on paper buttons that represent the recorder. They do a grate job. I would like to try and make something that can play the same pitch as our recorders and not have to change their set up very much if at all. Now they have a large black paper with circles of colored paper with note names on them. The push down on the note names as we (the rest of the class) plays the song. They are not able to play (hold the recorder) well enough to join in due to their special needs. They do seem to be getting it though. They can push the buttons at the right time. I thought if I could hook up something underneath their buttons with a small speaker etc........ What can I do that won't cost very much??? Thanks. Carmine



6 years ago

MIT Media Lab's High-Low Tech program has exactly what you're looking for. They call their similar project the "Paper Piano" project, which can be viewed at: . Their sample video is, unfortunately, not very good as it is difficult (read: impossible) to differentiate between the tones, but that is not a difficult problem to overcome.

Out of curiosity, how many notes are you working with? (I now note that, although I can't see a date on your post, the first response is over two years old. Perhaps you have found an answer by now.)


9 years ago

I would usually suggest something along the lines of a piano, but I'm not sure if recorders have a chromatic scale. Maybe an air pump attached to a real recorder would work; they could just put their fingers over the holes while you activate the airflow at each note.