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simple machine build ideas (from junk)? Answered

hi guys, could use some creative ideas...

i run a pub & we also have a successful themed pub quiz once a week.  it's always a little bit different...

in the past we've had teams make an egg throwing machine from bits & pieces such as garden cane, plastic milk cartons etc.,(a surprisingly forceful trebuchet was the eventual winner) & we would like to do something similar.

a machine to transport something?  i'm having a massive creative block so some input would be great.

ta in advance.


Sounds like my kind of pub. Where are you ?


thanks! we're in north london. we try to keep things interesting - five senses quiz - each round a sensory practical round, plasticine moulding, machine making...

gets a little stressful trying to come up with a different theme each week, but we've managed it for nearly a year so far, here's hoping we can keep it up.

Wow. What a great, un-cheatable format ! You should do an Instructable on the sort of thing you have done.
"How to create an un-cheatable pub quiz"


ah, but is any quiz really un-cheatable in these heady days of iphones & androids?

we still have question rounds but the quizzers all know that anyone found cheating will be subject to a stiff penalty - namely standing a round for the whole pub...

...has proved quite effective so far!

plus, since i write the questions myself, they're never entirely sure which tangent i may fly off on - this week's was entitled "anyone for a game of doctors & nurses" and all the medical professionals & med students thought they were on to a sure thing - didn't reckon on a wealth of references that require no medical knowledge. plus, we designed a 'prescription' that each team was required to fill....

thanks muchly for the suggestions and the links, shall do some searching now that i've got some new avenues to explore!

Something that flies, water rockets, rubber-band aircraft?

The good old "who-can-build-the-highest-tower-from-jelly-babies-and-dry-spaghetti?" challenge is always fun, especially after a pint or three.

(Kudos for finding an excellent way to foil the smartphone cheats!)

wow, never heard of the "who-can-build-the-highest-tower-from-jelly-babies-and-dry-spaghetti" but sounds most excellent. amazing how competitive the quizzers can be & we've got pretty high ceilings

How about some type of hand cranked pump to move liquids from one cup to another the fastest. Make it a team event by having to move it from one end of bar to the other in differant cups along the way. From the last cup the beer could be pumped into someones mouth (no suction allowed just gravity) and the first one done wins. Just something I thought might be fun and worth thinking about.

definitely one to consider, thanks. not (quite) as messy as raw eggs either!


7 years ago

Hello Bar Bint.
I'd suggest you take the original idea a bit further. MAke as bigger trebuchet and enter it into the World Egg Throwing Championships at Swaton on the 26th of June. We have a competition for it. See www.eggthrowing.com

hi, yes i've read online about that, sounds brill. would love to rally a team, just taking time out can be somewhat problematical in the pub trade...