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simple way for a kid to build an rc car, not from a kit? Answered

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way that kids can build an rc car. Show the circuit. With motors



The simplest design (that I can think of) has 2 options:
2-motor, tank tread style, for steering
or 1 motor, 1 actuator car style for steering.

at the most basic, it requires an 'h bridge'. This allows current to be reversed to the motor(s) for forward/reverse operation.

Whatever the design, you need the ability to remotely control the design, either wired or wireless.

Hello, Me and my friends are working on this project, where we have to build a moving base for our contraption. Can you please tell us a little more about building a car of this sort, and how long it would take. We are a little short on time, and we are running out of ideas. Please reply to us at: Yasaswi123@gmail.com. Thanks a bunch, Yasaswi

Post in the forum, add pictures of what you've got so far, and what you need - there'll be tonnes of help!