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since I have free natrual gas how can I build gas lights? Answered

most of our appliances are running on natrual gas . sometimes the electric goes off .then we are sitting in the dark. I want the gas light for when we have no electric lights


Don't take this the wrong way, but if you are asking how to make gas lights, the answer is that you probably SHOULD NOT be making gas lights FOR YOUR HOUSE! Think of what would happen if you made a mistake learning how to do this properly. POOF! no more house :( I doubt that your insurance would cover this sort of accident either.

use coleman lantern parts

The key to gas lighting is the mantle. Your flame need to heat something inorganic (mineral) such that it glows very hot and bright. If you look in a camping-supplies store you should be able to pick-up gas-mantles for camping lanterns.

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