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single lead capacitor Answered

how can i make a single lead capacitor for this



8 years ago

Van de Graaff Gen, Leyden jars, etc., all work like standard capacitors (they require a difference potential: i.e." two leads".)

The challenge is to find them (hint #1: Leyden jars should have the outside grounded when they are being charged.)

These simple electrostatic devices often acquire a charge reference due to their construction--for instance, one end sits on a table, or is hand-held...

A what?
What do you want to do with it (this thing you ask about)?


What does "single-lead capacitor" mean in this context?  All I could find via Google were patent documents for integrated circuit fabrications, not separate physical components.

i would like it to be a film capacitor

Find a two-lead capacitor and cut off one of the leads.