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skateboard tips? Answered

yeh another thing im getting in to any tips for me? things i know how to do: stand on it it stear blance get going keep going and i got to get me some cash for clothesand shoes(i have some old airspeeds im using)


the slacker the kingpin nut is in the middle of the trucks the more you can turn when you lean

I agree, you need to learn to ollie first, as well as manualing. You can base most other tricks off of those two things. :)

thanks im still trying to ollie its sorta hard with a spranied wrist and knee and now i have another sprained wrist

You should probably lay off it for a while, then. Rest up and try again. You won't be able to do much of anything when you're sore, and you might just hurt yourself worse! :(

lol, a sprained wrist? try a crack in your skull! i have one right now! i fell from 7 feet onto tile floor, on my head :( it hurt

my friend says who cares he like pro skaters get back up from a broken leg or arm im thinking i higly dought that even they would be in extream pain and i can tell cuase when me and my dad and sis had a car addctent he broke the hardest bone in his body and he could even move his leg but now hes better

They might get up, but it's just because they're in shock, most likely. Or the adrenaline is so high that they aren't quite feeling it yet! I had a friend that was ollieing over a chain connected two posts once - on his last try, his board got snagged on the chain and he fell really hard. He broke his collarbone, but he got up and walked home and then went to the doctor. :P

you might just hurt yourself worse!
Well, someone seems to like that idea...


Sorry, I had to


8 years ago

Here's my tip for the ollie. If you're having trouble getting enough pop, move your back foot further back on the board until it's mostly off. That's what I did when I was learning.

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