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skateboard Answered

ok, well im buying my first board and need help on how to choose one, which makes are the best and so on any help would be appreciated and im wanting to buy of ebay i live in the uk so ebay.co.uk thanks


srry bout uncle............ so you are a thrasher now? lol

yeh metalhead/thrasher i like a lot of trivium and they are thrash

i just like skatin' i aint got a class like emo or thrasher or whatever hategirl class that loosewires got im a normal guy......YAY!

skaterboy/girl =/

skater boy........?

if your a beginner then theres not point getting a super amazing board you might as well settle for a £60 deck you can get them from www.routeone.co.uk if you live in the Uk

Bearings-wise try looking for ABEC-5 Bearings. They're some of the smoothest available and mean you can ride faster.

is this a good starter setup? Features: Board: 31” x 7.75” 9 ply Maple Deck with 80S Full Grip Tape. Trucks: Renner 135 Coloured Trucks with Carbon Steel Axles and 95a cushions. Hardware: Renner Super Soft Risers and 1” Renner Posi Hardware. Wheels: 53 x 31mm 95a PU Rubber Renner Flame Wheels Bearings. Abec 5

That all depends on what you want from it. I recommend that you check out this site to find exactly what you want.

looks good, but the wheels look plastic. after you start, you should invest in wheels. tell me how your first session is!

well all my friends say the weels are good and they are quiet too but fast also they are rubber

okay , sorry they just looked like those wheels you get from walmart, all plastic and stuff. they are probably urethane though, most skateboard wheels are since the dogtown z boy era.good luck!

I think the green looks pretty sweet.

Glad to be of service =]

well everyone but my girlfriend has said that colour and you can guess what she chose :P thanks again i will be getting green

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10 years ago

element boards rock

well some do, but dont trust the new "super light boards!" I think everyone likes different boards, personally, i like mini logo. small and light like me.

I have to agree here. :D For the couple years I skated, I used Element capsules. Do they even still make those?

yerrman im gettin some element grip tape and a new element deck in a couple of weeks

hey danny i already have a skateboard, and i gota tell you that you must, really, MUST get bearings for it. if you wont, it will be very slow and clumsy. i think that ABEC 6 or more would be good.

Thats great, but still remember skateboarding is tough, it may look easy but its not... thats why i quit skateboarding after a month cause i couldn't ollie... good luck!

i can ollie after 2 weeks

damit your friends are good teachers....

no my friends arent good teachers however they are good at puttin preasure on me to learn :-)

well then they pressure you and your a good learner lol...

I'm sorry about your uncle man...


10 years ago

oh and i want a setup not just the deck

oh thats so cool dude ive got my skateboard a couple of days ago. its my first board aswell and i can barely ride on it ......but im practicing alot. Its called SmokeBomb and i got it from argos. least it keaps me away from the Knex a bit....lol. what reason did you get yours............... i mean did you think it was going to be fun or.....or.e.t.c

Hey if you want to learn how to skateboard you should really join my group!
Here it is here