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slingshot ammo Answered

I just got a new slingshot and I didn't get ammo. What can I use either for hunting, causing pain to friends, or target practice.


uncooked pinto beans. They are stupidly cheap, fly fairly straight, and are biodegradable so u dont have to go hunting for ur ammo. they wudnt be very good for hunting tho


dont shoot slingshots at people

I like marbles because they're super cheap for target practice. I'd like to try and make a cayenne pepper ball (powdered) as a deterrent. any ideas about molding or binding the pepper to make a suitable ammo would be greatly appreciated :)

Marbles, ball bearings , and just about anything


5 years ago

glass marbles work well you can get a bag of maybe 50+ of them for $1


6 years ago

rocks, paintballs, marbles, nuts(think: bolts), walnuts, paintballs, cherry tomatoes, ice cubes, 00 shot, old bullets, 22. pellets, firecrackers.

I would have to go with the standard 1/2" stainless steel ball bearing. Of course, one inch is fine as well!

yeah, I've tried 1 inch and it didn't work very well, I have to find 1/2 and try that. Thanks

If you intend to 'bruise' your target, bigger steel balls could be better. However, if you intend to puncture or penetrate your targets, I'd go for the smaller diameter steel balls.

Unfortunately, the shape of bullets doesn't make it accurate projectiles for slingshots. It goes straight when fired from guns because of the rifling in the barrels. The best slingshot ammo would be round and dense enough to penetrate your intended targets.


Yes I agree. I've been using marbles for my slingshots. Its hard, accurate, indigenous and cheap. :-)

However, if you use your slingshot for hunting small game, steel bearings are the best. Marbles aren't dense enough to go through your targets though they are sufficient to kill them if your hit the head. 7 mm steel balls are great for rat sized targets. 9 mm or bigger for cat sized or larger ones.


They're round, heavy, and cheap


if you are not using a resist pipe slingshot then you can use golf balls execpt do not shoot it at anyone if you ever do it then it will hurt a lot at probbly smash their glasses cuasing the glass to get in there eye and i am not reponsible for others or you can use plaster of paris below is the link to make the plaster of paris slingshot ammo
secondly i would like to say
"i also do not believe in causeing pain like that thou becuase cuasing pain that that is curelty as of what you are saying execpt for self defense,hunting, court orders,putting down animals and other reasonable reasons like to keep someone safe or to protect someone's safety and or life please do your best of the be nice policy"

personally i recommend something like a rod or dowel like pencils you can sharpen the pencils that is recommended by me and is best for a pipe slingshot such as this slingshot https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-a-reist-pipe-slingshot/ in fact drawing and steatching pencils are just as good as colored pencils i garentee it becuase colored pencils just have a diffrent color basiclly besides it's film stuff that goes around it which aslo includes the coating which is the same as drawing pencils i also do not believe in causeing pain like that thou becuase cuasing pain that that is curelty as of what you are saying please do your best of the be nice policy

cut gluegun gluesticks.

I use Lemon Heads or Gobstoppers - they're cheap

if i remove the wires would a headphone cord work insted of a ruberband and will it shoot a marble

you should use rock salt on your friends. when it hits it rips the skin thats when the salt hits


or if you get those pop it things that you stomp and they explode and launch that.


if you use the bullets be careful i use them with a pro diablo slingshot and it went through 4 boxes

i use a winchester round with no bullet or primer,colt 45 for my miore powerfuller slingshot

so far ive been using ball bearings from  my lil bros magnetics kit, i can put it through my friends vinyl fence

Hunting: rocks
Causing pain: large bits of rubber or plastic or wood (no splinters) 
Target practice: pretty much anything cheap (better yet, paint balls)

You can also use: anything that fits in the pouch and isn't so heavy that the slingshot won't work.

I got 2 words:Gum balls. the best part is if they hit something hard they explode, and if you poke a hole in them and fill them with paint then hot glue over the hole you have the perfect ammo. p.s. they come holow

well with paintballs, my slingshot has a leather pouch and i use high end draxxas paintballs so when i pull back i crush the paintballs.

nooooooo!!!!!!!!! dont freeze them if you do they will explode.trust me I have tried it.

when u use painballs you dont hold the painball u hold the leather part of it and hgold it like a tarco kinda thing

maybe u could get a piece of stiff card board and place it in the puche then tha paintball to give it some more strenth or maybe make a better pouche

i really dont like to use the paintballs anyway, if im just shooting i use half inch steel shot, but if im shooting at friends (dont ask) i use soft rubber grapes which have decent accuracy and hurt like hell lol

 option 1) modify pouch to be bigger and pull back at the rubber, and not the pouch.
 option 2) place the paintball in a SABOT 

 option 3) you make a better option to follow


7 years ago

bass pro shop

the name changes by area, but pop-its are great. They're the wax-paper wrapped little rocks with a tiny bit of gn powder. Loud but painless

do you make them or do you mean those things that you get for .25c from the ice cream man?

Use chunks of erasers. They don't cause damage to objects so you can shoot them in your house but if they hit someone it still hurts like HELL!

Old article,but I feel I must contribute. Jaw breakers work very well,particularily the larger variety fire balls. I shot a small statue with one from about 10 feet away,and it had cement caked onto it when I found it.