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smart card reader keyboard use ? Answered

does anyone know how to connect this stuf
or what can i do with it ?
is there a way to use the card reader via serial/usb adapter ?
i don't have a PS2 connector


So you have an old gutted PS2 keyboard. Not much use for that unless your PC still have a PS2 connector.

ive installed about 5- 10 different smart card readers in my day.
unless your using widows xp or earlier, that thing is so old you wont find drivers for it.

logging onto windows wont work cause you would need a corporate environment, the log in info is not stored on the computer itself but on the network.

if you have a need for a card reader then its better to buy a usb one that is pretty modern (like made for at least windows vista) and ask your organization that issued you the id card on what software you will need.


Best Answer 4 years ago

If you had one of the cards that went with it and the system to write info to the card and the software to interface with the reader then you could log into your computer with the card.

Probably more useful if you salvage for components honestly.