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smd lm386 vs lm386? Answered

i want to build simple amp but i have a problem, in eletronic store where i buy they dont have standard lm386 but they have SMD LM386.
maybe they will get standard lm386 but its 2x more expensive then smd.

So can i make amp using smd lm 386? and if i can does i need some other parts ( for standard i need 2 resistors, 1x 1k potentiometer, and 1-2 x capacitor)


SMD parts are surface mount variants. You would be better using the regular LM386 as it will be easier to use as surface mount parts will usually require a PCB and/or some careful soldering.

can i use stand for smd like this http://www.mikroprinc.com/proizvodi/elektromehanicke-komponente/podnozja-za-ic/podnozja-za-ic-dil-low-cost/dil6/index.php ( its really cheap 3 cents)

thanks for the answer, i will wait for standard one because for now i am only for projects on breadboard ....but if i can use some stand i will think about buying both of them

That is a socket for DIL (through hole) parts. SMD parts are almost always soldered directly to the PCB, so no socket is needed. DIL/through hole parts should fit directly into a breadboard or can be soldered to a PCB without a socket.

ok, thank you really much.
soon i will post my instructable of amp

The wiring is the same however as The Skinnerz said Dip packages are easier to work with than SMD.