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sniper rifle Answered

I know this probably belongs in the calaborations section, but i'm not very good with computers and I couldn't figure out how to put it there. I am working on building a high powered knex sniper rifle, but I am sort of stuck, I don't know of any magazine and barrel combinations that are accurate and don;t jam at all, any ideas?


Of course I am biased toward my own inventions, because they are vastly superior in every way. xD

I suggest incorporating the front section hopper/barrel of my Red Impact's fourth step. (here) . It's practically friction-free and will not jam period, so long as you don't mind the bolt action - preparing each shot. If you can build something that uses this red rod loader with more strengh/power, I'd be impressed.

im just curious how a gun that only shoots 30ft tops is "superior in every way" to any other weapon on this site a gun that shoots 30ft and can barely dent paper from 25ft sets your gun as probly about the same to average as anyone else on this site give or take a decently designed weapon but the fact that u have to move that spacer piece betweens shots and that there is not trigger so the gun can never be ready to fire at a moments notice are just a few of the concerns i have w/ red impact now your chain gun is good not great but none the less it is a working fully automatic weapon but once again it only shoots 20ft and not very accurately 4 rounds a second isn't much to brag about either but thats another story look you have managed to make a toy gun that shoots no further than i could throw a knex piece congrats u r a very talented builder and an exellant competition for me push the envelope anyone can make a fully automatic gun that shoots 4 rods a sec w/ a range of about 20, would this impress some average joe that randomly stumbles upon your video? would he wonder how a toy can shoot so fast and hit so hard? once again YOU R A TALENTED BUILDER help push the envelope don't build to impress the few knex nerds build to impress the masses u have the building potencial push yourself and in turn push me i like your work but at the end of the day will it rise above the rest or fit in with the average? This may of sounded harsh and it may be long but im hoping if u get anything out of this i hope u understand i respect your potencial and expect more

ill try to use your hopper/barrel combination, but i might change it a little so that it will work with the small green or black rods for some added distance :P