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snuff can project? any ideas? Answered

im a dipper of moist snuff and all ways have these little cardboard, plastic, and metal tins id like to do something creative with them any suggestions?


Mouth cancer displays? Pocket spit cups? Potential date eliminators?

-and my user name is a 300 year old relic from a different continent-

He should cut up the labels and make a "No Smugness Allowed" sign for his front door.

If he wanted to do something more useful than make a point to a self-righteous instructables user, then I would do as RedneckEngineer suggested and use the plastic ones for bolt cups and organization.

I'll bet you could take some of the metal tins, scrape off the labels, and make some decent looking metal tins for organizing stuff in places besides your garage. Another idea might be to make miniature camping stoves like the aluminum can ones. It should be little bit easier, since you wouldn't have to worry about having to cut the cans down to size to use, and you could get a neater-looking final product.

I also dip and have use the empty cans in a few differant ways. Good for holding fishing lures/hooks
holding small nuts and bolts
emergency candles (gives a wintergreen scent as a bonus)
Just think of things you may need to carry or store and I'm sure you can come up with others.