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so... Were Are the results ? Answered

i've been waiting all yesterday and the day before yesterday , now the contest is closed , but with no results ... What's happening?


Well, the results are here and I lost :-(.


10 years ago


yeah im sure they forgot about us! sob sob

They'll be up before 5:30 P.M. California (Pacific) time. Trust me, I know.

No. They get out of work at 5:30 P.M., so the results always get posted before that time.

Fungus Amungus told me once, that's how I know.

I hate to say you're wrong, but y'are. Still no word of winners.

Hmm. As you said earlier, now is when we worry.

Have they forgotten us?
I'm really worried now, I think the may have forgotten.

Yes i'm positive they must have forgotten us!!!

Has any one contacted staff yet?? If not we need to!!
Something could be seriously wrong, perhaps the servers have crashed and they lost all the entries.
What will happen now, please someone help me!!!

Please ! What's going on??!!!!!

I'm so mean

I think Fungus Amungus is ill, he deals with the contests. I think

worried is a bad word, impatient is a better choice, or frustrated

Yep, that's what I was thinking. I missed the comp, how do you think I feel!!! :)

I am a bit worried as well!

If you mean the Glow contest, the judging only ended a short while ago, have a little patience.

patience , enabled but they just delayed the results over 2 days !


10 years ago

Don't worry, so have I. Perhaps they're caught up in something else. They did, however, add an eleventh judge. Perhaps they had to revote? It is only 2:45 in Cali. If they still aren't up tomorrow, then we should worry.

Why would you worry? It's not like they will forget about the whole contest. :)