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so are tesla coils illegal to build and own or is it okay? Answered


BTW if you are looking to use the tesla coil to disrupt your neighbor's stereo it won't work unless they are listening to the radio. It will not damage there system.

With all your recent questions it seems your out to destroy any and all electronic devices within a half mile radios of your house but still protect what you have. Is the situation really so bad that rather then getting the law to give your neighbor fines you'll serve your own prison time for violating federal communication regulations?

tesla coils are just an intrest of mine and no i dont want to hurt any one lol. and the emp question are research for a high school senior project for my tech school.

Damaging and destroying property is hurting. The owner of that property, who has to spend money to replace it instead of feeding their family; and you yourself, when you get to do shower duty in prison, or pay the $100,000 FCC files instead of feeding your family.

Where are you?

Should be fine. If you're in doubt, ask your local police.

It would help to know where you are talking about. There is not one rule that rules the world.

But generally they are not illegal.  But if you hurt someone you are probably liable.  If you disrupt radio or TV viewing you will be liable and probably get fined.  If you burn your house down you fire insurance may not cover it since you were experimenting.

so out in the country where there isnt anything to burn down right that isnt that public?