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so i stumbled across this today would anyone have an idea on how to create one? Answered

its called the  Feel Seating System, i found it while surfing the web and i was curious if anyone had an idea on how i could make my own because to buy them its over 4,500 dollars..just a little out of my price range


Get 120 foam balls the size of soccer balls, cover in elastic fabric and add 4 clips to it to attach to other balls.

I thought they looked more like inflatable rubber balls with strapped covers sewn onto them so they can be linked together.

 looks comfy and cool but why dont you just make or buy several smaller bean bags and string them like previously suggested comments

A bunch of round pillows treated like beads on a rope, with the rope going threw twice like lines on square graph paper.

From the photo, it looks like it's simply 100 spherical cushions, sewn (velcroed? strapped?) together with "leg" straps added to the outside edge...?

don't know where did you found that prize O_o i found 1500$. probably the cheapest way are balls made of foam and than tied together with ropes.