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so i want to build a switch that reverses the phase of the signal in a humbucking guitar pickup will this drawing work ? Answered

the thick black wire is the sheild
the small black wires and grey wire are left alone as decribed in the instuctions i got with it


What audio effect will this have?


not sure i guess i should have thought of that before i drew this how can i figure out without doing this my self?

.  You only want to reverse the phase of one coil - either red-to-black or green-to-black. Wire the switch so that red (or green) are swapped, NOT red and green.
.  Wire an "X" on the switch terminals, as in your diagram.
.  From the pickup, connect red to one of the terminals on the left (or right) and the black to the other terminal on the left (or right) .
.  Connect the center terminals on the switch to the jack.
.  PS: This only works with "humbuckers" that bring both coil outputs to the outside. It won't work with "real" humbuckers.

all i know is it gives the option and its like this becuse i omited the volume tone 5 way switch and other pickups will it till work with the rest of those in there too