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so if a 20 year old guy asks you back out when you are only 16, what would you do? Answered

When i was a freshman, a hott senior guy asked me out and i, of course, said yes. Now i am a 16 year old junior in high school and he is a 20 year old sophomore in college and he asked me back out... do you see my problem here? i want to go back out with him because he is perfect and he is a true gentleman, but his age is a little outta my range just a smidge, lolz, so please tell me what you would do if you were in my position


Honestly from a legal standpoint, I can't be truly very helpful. Never been very good about remembering laws, just followed on instinct.

From a moral standpoint, that is completely up to you. However my best guess, if the matters of age or legality seriously concerns you,  would be for you to ask him if he is willing to wait for you to turn 18. This would seem to be the best solution, from my perspective.

Really just ask yourself, is a four year age difference a strong moral issue for you to overcome?

seandouge is right he is a pervert and probably wants in your pants

I didn't say that at all. I said the she should make a decision based on sensibility and accused no-one of being a perv.

i know that is my opinion i was just saying seandouge is right. i think he is a perv sorry for the confusion

Standard rule: Take the age of  each party. Divide by two. Add seven. If the other person's age is below that line, you probably shouldn't be dating each other.

20/2+7=17. You're into the "creepy" range. Not by much, but enough that you want to be careful... for your sake and for his.

Remember, you can be friends with someone without "going out with them". If the two of you are content with that, it might be the right answer.

Always have to reiterate this rule with on of my mates... May tattoo it on him...

Tell him when he gets out of prison you'll be old enough.

But then you didn't say what state your from, you may already be too old for him :)


8 years ago

Comment from a Gran:

Listen to your own instincts-as you have already! Good thinking.

It's a big gap at those ages... I'm 19 now and personally wouldn't go for a girl as young as 16, though that's a whole host of personal choices people make differently to get in to and you're on a phone...

Really the question's about whether you'd be comfortable with a twenty year old boyfriend... Also ex issues? Weigh it all up, if you like him and can get over the age difference that's cool but it might be quite big culturally aswell as just plain age...

Also phone number on internet... Not always the best plan, but suppose 'ibles isn't the worst place to have it...

yeah ya'll are right about the # thing... i wasnt thinkin...whoops my bad


8 years ago

Difficult question to answer, but first an admonishment. Please, for your own welfare, edit your question and remove your phone number ASAP!
On the surface, four years doesn't sound like much, but at your age, it may be significant because of the intellectual maturity of both parties. Secondly, even if the maturity issue isn't a factor, there are certain legal constraints that could come into play.
You seem to understand that there is an issue and your instincts are probably right in that regards.
My best advice to you is, talk it over with your parents or guardians. If you're inclined to trust anyone, trust them.

Agreed on removing your personal info from that query. PLEASE remove the phone number immediately. You have no idea how many villains there are on the net who troll for that kind of info.

Its a pity that there are no more female members of the site replying to you ! What comment can I make, as the 45 year old father of two sons, and step father to a 21 year old daughter ?

 I'd've been pretty worried if my stepdaughter had been in a relationship with a 20 year old back then. Another few years, 4 years is about par for the gap in ages between couples ! Men mature much more slowly than women, I am reliably informed.

Kiss some younger frogs :-;


20 to 16 is too big a difference.  If it were 24-20 that would be better.

You ought to wait till you're a little older to date older guys.  IMHO