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sodium pyrosulfite/Bonide stump out Answered

Well today I went to the home depot planning on picking up some grants stump remover, they were all out and the only other similar item was bonide stump out, it didn't have an ingredient list, and really wasn't comfortable asking the sales guy if this stump remover had explosives in it. (Especially since im 15.) so i bought it came home and did some research. So this crap has no potassium nitrate, but i found its 98% sodium pyrosulfite, now the name has the word PYRO in it so I'm hoping someone out their knows something I can do with it, right now all i have figured out is when it comes in contact with water it makes sodium dioxide, which is really smelly gas, so I have an idea for an impact stink bomb, any other ideas.


Its used for precipitating Gold out of solution.

I suggest creating an apparatus for bubbling the SO2 through water to produce sulfuric acid, get some KNO3 and put that with the sulfuric acid and boil it- if you distill the gas that comes off you'll have some nice nitric acid you can use for nitrocellulose shells or nitroglycerin. this is purely speculation though, I have no idea how pure the sulfuric acid you produce with SO2 will be.

Ok does anyone read the ingredients for the Bomide stump out its Sodium Metabisulfite, it wont blow up or can you use it for anything Pyro related. Its a chemical that when added to water turns out a very deadly gas. So read before you decide to experiment.

I too got a lb of Bonide. Oh well, I do happen to have three stumps in the back yard. FYI, if anyone is still looking for potassium nitrate, you can get it from ebay, 1lb for $9 or 3 lbs for $15 and free shipping(!).


7 years ago

It does say on the label "contains no explosives". But nothing else though. That's why I had to look it up and ended up here.
I've found that Kno3 will be listed on the label if the product contains it.
It doesn't seem like anyone actually wants to remove any stumps. If it weren't for smoke bombs would they sell any stump remover?

LOL, Same here, I was wondering why when i put a map gas torch to it it wouldn't burn pink. Let alone burn at all!

me too dammit. i just made some gunpowder with the stuff and it does not work. it really pisses me off to spend 6$ on something that does not do what i need it for. besides they were all out of green light.

The chemical prefix "pyro-" doesn't really have anything to do with fire. It is a holdover from an older, and now obsolete, system of chemical nomenclature. For acidic radicals with multiple oxidation states, the "pyro-" prefix indicates an intermediate state, between "ortho-" (most hydrated) and "meta-" (least hydrated).

For the chemical above, the S2O7 is intermediate, between SO2 and SO4.

As many other people have noted, when Na2S2O7 is hydrated, it evolves SO2 gas which is highly toxic. Most assuredly not a good choice for a stink bomb, or anything else for that matter.

Well now! Hearing this, bubbling the gas through water should do nicely to generate some high quality sulfuric acid! I smell an instructible in the making! (No pun intended). Maybe homemade car batteries... Or a precursor to other highly useful things...

Basiicly if your looking for Stump Removal, More than likely you are looking for Potassium Nitrate to make home made Smoke bombs. Pingpong balls work as well but do not breath in the gas, Very Toxic. If you ARE looking to get rid of a stump and not a very big one usualy 5 to 10 inches in diameter, What I can suggest is, Getting a metal bucket or pail with the bottom cut out.  Metal flatching works as well to make a Tube. Place it over the stump, Fill it with Kingsford charcoal and light it. It should burn it out of the ground.

so the brand stump out doesn't work and the one that does is grants stump remover

No, the Stump-out just doesn't have the right chemical. Others do work, but Grants is the best because it has nearly 98% pure Kno3/saltpeter.

 ok i figured it out if it doesn't say anything about kerosene or gas DONT USE IT it wont have KNO3, o and i dont have much fuse so will a finished  smoke bomb made with KNO3 continue burning after lighting or will i have to but a bunch of fuse in it

Stump out is crap.
I was pissed off when I found out that it doesn't have KNO3.

um i just bought this and when i was making the smoke bomb. i got hit with the burning in my eyes and nose. is this going to do any damage?

Not for short-term exposure. But definitely do not continue to expose yourself to the gas. Use Grants or Spectrocide brand stump remover instead.

I've got to laugh guys, sorry. This is the first place I've found any real closure to my problems with making a smoke bomb from Stump-Out instead of Grant's. For all those concerned: You can tell that you do not have Kno3 while making a smoke bomb by: 1. when put in water it smell like ammonia, this is toxic so don't get a huge sniff of it, just a science lab whiff (use hands to push some of the smell towards you) 2. The finished bomb does not light, it just smolders and blackens.

Yes, this stuff is definately NOT fit for making smoke-bombs with!

I just, like the rest of you, bought this at home-depo only to find out it is NOT good ol' KNO3.

While cooking it with sugar I put my head over the pot to look in and, to my suprise, got hit with a strong burning sensation in my nose. This I suspect was the SO2. Definately not cool.

Solution, everyone who sees this call their local home-depo, or maybe a regional office and tell them the Bonide stump remover does not work as well as the Grants' stump remover product, of course, tell them it doesn't work on the stumps as well.

Happened to me too. I've got a little gadget that detects harmful vapors in my workshop (VERY helpful). I set the stuff up to melt, it went off while I had my back turned. I didn't think much of it (sometimes it just identifies smoke as a harmful substance) got a whiff and thought I was accidentially making ammonia gas. It does have that harsh raw feel on the throat.

noooo i bought this stuff from a local hardware store in hopes of making a smoke bomb but now that i know I cant i have 1lb of this stuff and nothing to use it for

Same here man. I also wanted to create a smoke bomb, I used to have about five cans of Grant's, but my dad used it on a real stump in our yard... I went to Home Depot and figured that Grant's was just out of stock, but now I'm double guessing sense it happened to another person. Crud, and I can't ask either, I'm only 15 too.

anyone know how to get that smell out of the house if i did try to make a smoke bomb with it...?

noo! i bought 2 bottles of this crap

They use it to keep produce fresher when they transport it. It causes the produce to resist mold. More than a few scientist have died from working with sulfur dioxide, your nose can become over stimulated and you can loose your sense of smell, then the levels get too high and you die.

Absolutely no use to you at all, plus the SO2 it generates acts as an acid when you breath it in.

That smell you're talking about is lethal in small amounts it is Sulphur dioxide, and is not some thing to play with. from my experience with pyrotechny there is NO use for this chemical. You are better off as some have already said to stick with KNO3 and do you're homework prior to the project and prior to purchasing. You should also check local and state laws for what your doing as you may at 15 years old not be the only one you can get into legal trouble. Don't think for a minute that because you're "underage" they can't touch you because that is so untrue.

damnit i just bought this bonide brand stump remover from home depot about an hour ago hoping it might serve as a substitute for the grants brand... i just came on to see if it would have the same results in a smoke bomb. seeing as it won't, now i have 1 lb of stump remover sitting in my garage and the only thing it's good for is removing stumps. (who removes stumps with powder anyway?)

i did the smae thing, i bought that crap thinking it was KNO3, went to cook a smoke bomb and it turned all crispy and wasnt flammable. it does smell horrible though, i probably have brain damage cuz the fumes are toxic. im looking for a use for it too though

No, the gas is sulphur dioxide, it's a toxic, acidic gas, often used for sterilising foodstuffs (look for 'contains sulphites') This isn't going to be much use for explosives, but it's good for sterilisation - make an aqueous solution with acid (e.g. citric). L

yah that was a typo meant to say sulfur dioxide. I had no idea it was toxic just smelly. so the stink bomb idea is out the window. I have no use to be sterilizing any food. their has to be something I can use it for. (if not it's going to sit in my chemical tub for the rest of it's days.)