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solar heater HOW TO? Help! Answered

Hey I got this solar heater stuff off craigslist but have no idea how to hock it up to my water system any idea what parts goes where?



7 years ago

I started to explain it ..... then I googled "solar water heater system diagram"..... from the diagrams I saw the only thing you may not know is the red tank is an expansion tank. Also you may need to move things around to fit your needs.

Just out of interest, do US water heaters have indirect heating coils in them ?

I see a pump & some panels. rig the pump to move from your existing hot water tank to the panels and back.


Got to start with big panels on roof.
Square box - heat exchanger ?

Have you got an indirect heating coil in your existing water heater ?

Simplest way to do this is to have the panels feed that. Replace the pump with 12 V one, powered by a solar panel (electric) next to the heating panel. Then when the sun is out, and the panel is warm, the pump runs. It doesn't work in the dark - no sun, no warmth. Check. It doesn't work when its raining: no sun, no warmth. Check.