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solar install question Answered

ok so I see a few solar setups online. now I have been researching for a while on this and no one can give me the answers so here i go on here.
So i want an UPGRADE-ABLE solar setup. right now I have 2 150ah 12v batteries. I have multiple 50 amp charge controllers.
so when I buy the solar panels I can plug in and get batteries going no problem.... My issue is the mains voltage side of things.
I want to have something like a fuse box, this will have my main breaker and then the independent safety switches. the issue is to do this I need to make sure all my power is on 1 line. so if I buy a few small inverters I will not be able to piggyback them as they tend to go bang. so what type of inverter can I get that will be able to go in parrallel to allow me to get more amps if needed? I am hoping there is one that is infinitely upgradeable just in case.

TLDR what type of off-grid inverter allows parrallel connection to other inverters??


thanks for the reply. am unable to find someone willing to ship to australia on that one. having said that it is EXACTLY what i am after lol

Similar and free shipping:


But: Buyer beware!!
I got two identical to the ones Josehf posted, if need be can even take some pics once I find them in the garage.
The ones I got are for 48V systems.
Used as a single they performed reasonably well, but stacked for twice the power they constantly failed despite more battery power available than required.
Biggest problem was they were meant as a temp solution while the original unit was off for repairs.
Depending on these for the only power in the house was like waiting for rain in the desert.
They simply can't handle a simple surge in demand, like turning on a taoster or using the vacuum cleaner.
We tried to max one unit for 2500W out by simply adding more and more halogen lights - it shut off once we breached the 1600W mark.

Getting in sync with mains power is next to impossible on a budget unless you buy a cheap roof install with inverter.
Same story for replacing the mains power during a power failure or similar with a cheap inverter alone.
The only real way is by adding a big relay capable of switching at least 63A (the local max rating for residential stuff) and to use it to switch the main and neutral lines btween switchboard connection and meter.
One side of the contact pairs for mains, the other for solar and the common cantac goes to your switchboard.
Requires a licensed sparky do do these mods and he will only do it if your setup is up to current specs.
What you do in your own house is up to you as long as you have a valid excuse for your insurance once something went wrong ;)

I never buy from Ebay, I just posted that link because it was the first stackable power inverter I found. Amazon, Banggod, and Aliexpress, has 2500 watt stackable power inverters with 5000 watt surge. Look for the ones that say off grid.

That is why I pointed out the problems with these cheap solutions.
The case and prints might change but no matter where you buy them their design gives them away.
As said I still have two of them and it it seems to be time to find them and post some pics of the cheap internals LOL
Down here going solar was highly promoted and subsidised and with the overproduction in asia prices a still at a low.
If you compare the price for what you really need to build your own solar system properly to the 2 or 4kW solutions offered as a package then there is only one option.
You can't beat them because they buy in massive bulk loads and if you order a off grid version for self install the price is even cheaper.

In either case I recommend checking local forums for what they use or to seek out real reviews of the inverter you can buy before you buy it.
If you can use Google properly but can't find anything but sales listing then stay away.

Where I live in Canada one system wont do.

Part of the year we only get 55 hours of full sun a month, at best 4 months good sun in summer.

Average wind speed is not bad but at best 6 months useful wind. (Not to fast and not to slow.) Most reliable in Winter.

So to go off grid where I live you need a third power source.

Precipitation, hours of sun, wind direction, and wind speed.

The only third renewable power source I can see is water. (Flooding in spring, flooding in fall.) Useless in summer drought and winter freeze.

Precipitation.pngSolar Motor 0b.pngWind Direction.pngWind Speed.png

That is the only good thing about being ina country with more UV and sun than you can handle.
Solar is an option, even during the winter times if created with suffient overkill.

i was going to try and make a "grid" if this failed, get a off grid inverter and use that to make the sine wave. then buy off grid inverters to match the sine wave... hopefully nothing would blow up... but was unsure

For around $5000 AU you can get a complete off grid installation package from several companies down here.
This is for something in the 4kWh range including batteries, warranty and all.
you 2 150Ah batteries won't get you far unless you really go on a low profile with your power consumption.
Keep in mind that special batteries are used for the demands of real off grid use.
These off grid solutions come with everything you need, including fuses, so you only need to wire up the one or two lines for your outlets and lights.
If you ask me well worth to consider if you really need a reliable power supply with all safety features and certifications required to meet AU standards.

I never buy from Ebay, I just posted that link because it was the first stackable power inverter I found. Amazon, Banggod, and Aliexpress, has 2500 watt stackable power inverters with 5000 watt surge. Look for the ones that say off grid.