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solar led? Answered

First time working with leds. I'm building a 4 foot lighthouse. I have some solars lying around that have three batteries inside which says
15Hrs at 60ma and 1.5Hrs at 600ma. Would there be something i could put together with leds or a kit to simulate a lighthouse light



7 years ago

Rather then using an LED and a motor.
I suggest you point 8 LEDs out of Lighthouse at 45o intervals and
then flash ( Turn them on one at a time ) them in sequence giving the
appearance of of a rotating search light .

Essentially only one LED is ever on at one time so the single R3 scaled for 4.5VDC becomes 225 20ma  to 300 ohms 15ma
The 555 timer available in a CMOS and the CMOS 4017 counter 
both can run off of 3 cells = 4.5VDC.

This approach has four benefits
( No motor = lower battery drain and No moving parts )
( The circuit is very simple to construct and understand )



A rotating mirror (canted at 45 degrees) that is illuminated by a stationary white LED would do the trick

From a past Answer -- This isn't "right" in that the beam won't sweep, but it might produce a similar effect.