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solar panel and rechargeable battery Answered

if i must using 17.5volt solar panel to charging battery 12v 72ah, what should need to apply between both of the item?


If the panels don't have a built in Diode to prevent the battery from pushing voltage into the panels then that is all you need. The panel will only offer a full 17.5V under ideal conditions. No need to worry about pushing too much voltage into the battery.

my solar panel without any build in component, itn't really can the 17.5v solar panel can charge the 12v battery? the battery wont get burn or explore?
got any website or link able to let me study?

Assuming you using a car or deep cycle battery you will be fine. The only way the panel will give you a full 17.5 volts is if its in direct sunlight and tracking the sun across the sky. And thats without any kind of load on it. You start charging a battery with the panel the voltage will probably be around 15V. When charging a battery at a higher voltage like that your only concern is the amperage going into the battery. In this case a solar panel doesn't push allot of amperage so it won't be a problem.

Check out this site. Scroll down to where it talks about battery charging. Just keep in mind that when the solar panel is connected to the battery and in perfect sunny conditions the output voltage will be well within the 15V range.

ok~ i decide to using 17.5v solar panel connect to voltage regulator to maintain the output to 15v to charging my 12v 72ah rechargeable battery plus a diode to prevent current flow back to voltage regulator.
after from the rechargeable battery will link a wire to my solar garden light sensor circuit. once again thx for ur link^^

p/s can i ask which one u prefer using the way or component in solar garden light sensor. one is using solar panel as light detector which is incoming output will control the transistor NPN or using LDR light detector resistor?