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solar powered junk yard air conditiong idea. Answered

well im stringing togett some ideas ive seen into something green. first the idea i saw the cold water well ac unit, but too much water use to have one constantly run. so i thought a cycling pump, with a tank buried underground. for that too work the water being cycled though must be kept cold as it continues to cycle through. tank idea - something like 2-3 window ac condenser units piped together to fit inside a 50 gal drum. fill the drum with sand and water burying the condensers. the unit would be a condenser with a small water pump and a fan. i've seen small 12 solar battery chargers, would that be enough to run the pump and the fan for extended times say 4 hours a day is this possible or am i over estimating some things


look for electrical fridge

if you add cooling (heat plates + fan) to the compressor and improve air flow on the radiator you can abuse it quite much

estimates for other stuff

bright sun gives more than 1 KW / M2

solar panels are between 5 - 20 % efficient depending on quality

chargers are about 70 % efficient (may be way more or way less though)

inverters are 90 % efficient (less if fridge power factor is bad)

fridge power factor is usually good

battery capacity WH = battery V x AH

batteries should not b dicharged deep (very low available power from standard battery / more from deep cycle)

South Georgia heat exchanger To keep his chickens cool in the summer heat my friend uses cast concrete pipe 24" dim by 4 fool long.has them under a tin roof for shade.places a coco mat on top of them. and drips water on to the mat . roughly a 20 deg F temp difference. could cast in a 55 gal drum 100 foot of garden hose encased in concrete.Sitting under a pair of solar panels .

What is the output of the solar battery-chargers? In A / mA volts, Watts etc. What do the pump and fan consume (same units)? L