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solar resistor Answered

What reading solar resistor should i use for transfering sound on a laser for my project?


I have had some success using small pieces (circa 1 cm x 1cm) of silicon solar cell material. The attached pictures are from an instructable I wrote, here:

This instructable did not involve actually modulating a particular light source, like a laser.   Instead I was just listening to signals present, in the amplitude of, various light sources.

Another instructable from falconphysics is basically doing the same thing, but with a pre-packaged solar cell module:


I have seen projects that use solar cells for the receiver. BIGGER AREA AND THE SOUND QUALITY SEEMS ACCEPTABLE - nOT hI fi THOUGH

If you have a choice of device, personally I'd use a photodiode over a photo resistor any day. They are more sensitive, and you'll get better frequency response.