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solder wire together? Answered

 i have blow three my soldering iron , and it is because wire positive and negetive collide, when i buy soldering iron wire positive and negetive is not connect to heating element strongly,and can broke anytime when im using my soldering iron.so to prevent this collision , can i solder  wire positive and negetive(seperately ) to heating element,and can my soldering iron still function after i solder the wire. and i dont want my soldering iron to blow again , plesea help me.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Hi, If this is a low voltage iron you are better off crimping the wires rather than soldering them, sometimes the wire used will not solder succesfully. Idealy you need two short lengths of heat proof sleeving to slide over your connections to prevent shorting. If this iron is mains powered then you need to take extra precautions regarding safety issues!  Lastly you can make crimps from short lengths of hollow metal tube. Select the diameter so you can pass the heating wire through one end and the power wire from the other. Squeeze with pliars to secure, don't forget to slide your insulating material over the joint before crimping!
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thank you man,that very help

It sounds like you're buying cheap soldering irons or doing something wrong with them? If the joints were soldered originally, then you should be able to fix them. If they weren't soldered you probably won't succeed.
You might be best investing in a good iron that won't break so easily.


well iwas thinking to buy a real good soldering iron too, but its realy hard to get it, i saw one good soldering iron , but way expensive. im trying to build my own hot air solderingt iron. there a lot specification that i need to look on soldering iron.well thank you for your answer