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soldring question. can i solder steel to aluminium? Answered

is it possible to solder a round 8 mm aluminium tube to a 1,5mm steel plate. i tried using glue but did not holde...?
see picture,. are there some weld that may woork??


No. Ordinary lead or non leaded electronic or plumbers solder will not solder aluminium. There are various ways to fix aluminium watch this

However it isn't as easy as it looks. The correct glue is more likely your best bet.  Epoxy resin glue.

Your "watch this" ? It's not working.

JB Weld

I can't confirm it, but alumiweld rods might work

thank you all fore answers.
I will try epoxy agen, but this time a stronger epoxy not the fastdrying epoxy i used.

if it does not hold i think i will try to solder, but use a aluminium plate insted.


7 years ago

Run screws up through the bottom of the plate. You can thread the aluminum tube so it will get some grip if its thick enough or just use a nut and washers. Once you get it started reach inside the tube with vise grips and clamp the nut and tighten the bolt from the bottom plate. You can counter sink the bottom plate and use flat head bolts so it will be flush with the bottom. A Mechanical connection is almost always better than glue.

As far as soldering goes, no. Soldering or welding aluminum to aluminum is tricky enough by itself. Soldering or welding aluminum to steel will be extremely difficult if not completely impossible. I would recommend either finding a substitute for your aluminum part in steel, in which case you might be able to weld the joint. Alternately, you could try some kind of mechanical connection like roberts our screws. Another alternative would be to replace one of the parts with plastic and use epoxy. Just be sure to roughen the faces of both joined surfaces and make sure there's no oil or dirt on them, otherwise the glue won't stick properly. Finally, you might try the glue that comes in rear view mirror repair kits, which is designed to sick metal to glass. You can find them at auto parts stores.

Good luck!

Short answer, no. The solders/brazing rods/welding techniques that work for either aluminum or steel are incompatible.

I would recommend epoxy, either epoxy putty, or 2 part liquid. If both surfaces are clean, dry, and roughened up, epoxy will have no problem adhering to both.