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solenoid actuator and led momentary push button door locks Answered

I have a car door lock 2 wire actuator one wire pushes the solenoid actuator to unlock and the other wire pulls to lock. I want to install these in my car with a momentary push button switch which illuminates when doors are locked and button is pressed once and then turns off when doors are unlocked and same button is pressed again. Should this be a dpdt on off on switch, or spdt on off on? I know with rocker dpdt switches you can set it so reversing polarity will make the actuator pull or push whichever the opposite is. Do they make a push button that I can press to lock, press to unlock.


Using a single pushbutton isn't going to do the trick of locking with one press and unlocking with a second press unless you use a micro-controller to run things. You can use a pair of push buttons. One to lock and one to unlock. Thats how car doors usually work. Often they use a momentary rocker switch with center being off and the 2 sides being momentary switches. You can wire it so the LED turns on when the switch is pressed to lock the door but the LED will only stay light as long as the button is held on. Otherwise you'll have to wire in additional circuits to keep the LED light for a period of time or keep it light while the door is still locked.

would you know what is needed to wire a led up to stay on when locked and off when not??

I actually need the door linear actuator's to stay open or closed not use a momentary pulse to push them and then they retract. Would a latching switch work as it remembers the last position pressed (lock unlock)

I had a actuator wired to a spst switch and it left the actuator open, but there was power still going through and it burnt the motor out in the actuator. I may be using the wrong motor in this application but now sure.

You need to get a different actuator or remove whatever is pulling it closed again. Any motor you use to run the actuator will be constantly fighting whatever spring is in there and will burn out. Get all of that sorted out then worry about the LED.