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solidox and sugar Answered

How can I make a 1:1 mixture of solidox and sugar insensitive to friction and shock without making it insensitive to heat?


mainly by avoiding solidox, or use another high explosive concotion and use solidox/sugar mix as a blasting cap explosive, it'll need to be pretty well kept but it could be separated until boom time. Unfortunately there's not much of a was to stabilize it...

Suppose but it's never going to be a particularly stable composition, you never want to use high explosives that aren't stable, HMDT is fun for small explosives and if you make it with an impurity it's quite safe though each time a batch is made test it, it's heat sensitive but not as friction sensitive.

by "not dangerous" i actually just meant not so likely to blow to hell by accident as long as im careful

oh, i didnt know it was that dangerous. what could i make with stuff i can just buy around localy thats not dangerous? please dont tell me to use match tips, im sick of hearing that

Sorry, it's the nature of the beast.

If you are making up such mixtures, make sure you fill in your organ donor card first, and check that your next of kin know your blood-group.

Yep, by not making it in the first place ... solidox and sugar bombs are one those thing it's really stupid to make especially from the instructions I've found on various websites, you'll just end up injured or dead from several of them.......